The 5 Question Business Plan

By Daniel DiPiazza

With these 5 questions (really, five different types of questions) you’ll have enough information to get crystal clear on exactly who you’re selling to, how you should position your business and what you’re offering.

So, let’s get to it! Pull out a notebook or a notepad app and write your most detailed answers to the following questions…

The 5 Question Business Plan:

#1: What do you offer your customers? Is it a product or a service? How much does it cost? What do you deliver when they say “yes”?

#2: Who are your customers? What are the demographics and psychographics of this group? Likes and dislikes? How do they see the world?

#3: How can you reach them with your marketing? Where are they most likely to be looking? Are you putting your offers in the correct channels to get seen?

#4: How are you selling? Can they buy online? Do you sell over the phone? Are you in retail? Do you own the distribution or have partners?

#5: How much does it cost to run your business every month? How much does it cost to acquire a customer? What are your margins? Are you saving for taxes?

For more on this concept, I sat down with Foundr Magazine to share the A.M.M.O. Framework — my secret sauce for creating offers that your ideal client simply can’t refuse.

Dive deep into this strategy with here…

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This post was a short, simple way to get straight to the heart of what needs to be done in your business. Enjoy today’s video and leave me good questions in the comments.

PS — if you want more help laying out your business strategy, I highly suggest you check out The Strategy Toolbox in the Alpha Mentorship Store.

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