The 7 Fundamental Mechanics of Profitable Business

By Daniel DiPiazza

Every business is completely different. And, exactly the same.

I mean, think about it…

As a service provider, coach or consultant, you sell your time.

As an agency owner with a team, you sell your team’s time.

As the owner of an online store, you sell physical products.

As an artist or creative, you sell your content. And yourself.

Each business sells something unique that can vary widely in price, position and production method.

However, what remains the same between all business models is more important that what makes them different.

The 7 Fundamental Mechanics of Any Business

The fundamental mechanics of business are fairly simple.

No matter what field of business you’re in, it all boils down to the same 7 steps:

1. Develop a product or a service that you think the market wants.

2. Test that theory by attempting to sell it everywhere you think your customers are.

3. Once you prove that you can sell that product or service, improve it with the money you just made from your “beta.”

4. Create additional products that your demographic and customer base will like.

5. Sell on the front end to new people and the back end to existing customers.

6. Improve those products and systems at scale over time.

7. Test repeatedly and hold on for dear life.

The beauty, of course, is all in the execution. There’s no timeline for these steps. Sometimes, you race through, only to realize 6 months later that you need to go back to square one. Even experienced business owners fuck it up constantly.

There’s no such thing as a flawless victory in business. You’re always going to get punched. If starting a business is attractive to you, you must have a penchant for getting your ears boxed a little.

Getting into business and expecting not to get hit is akin to the MMA fighter who doesn’t want to spar, but still wants the big paycheck. Not gonna happen.

Keep sparring. Keep taking the punches. Keep learning new moves. That’s how you get really good at anything.

One day, you may just be dangerous.

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