"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business"

– Henry Ford

The world is desperate for compassionate, enlightened leaders to create change.

But our generation’s greatest voices are trapped in a prison of our own design.

We’ve become so distracted with tactics, shortcuts, funnels, and ads that we’ve forgotten what really matters when it comes to growing a business.

We’ve watered down our big vision for the evolution of humankind because we are afraid of the scope of our dreams. In doing so, we are settling for the smaller wins that are within reach, rather than striving for the bigger prizes on the highest shelves.

Bogged down by the haze and confusion of technology, politics, and dogma, we are running scared in circles, waiting and wishing for somebody to save us.

The cavalry isn’t coming.

It’s no secret that the journey of entrepreneurship is at once humbling, harrowing, and exhilarating. Building a business from the ground up takes courage and vision.

You’ve got those in spades.

What you need now is a roadmap for your own evolution as a CEO, leader, and human being.

Before we can change the world, we must first learn to master our selves. We must learn to master the crucible of life and business, fulfilling our potential over and over, always becoming a newer, stronger, more powerful version of ourselves.

Alpha Mentorship’s purpose is simple: teach entrepreneurs how to step into their true power and become real leaders, and watch that translate into businesses that change the world.

It is time for the new generation to emerge and step into power.

Only those with an unyielding appetite for hard work, creative spirit, and the audacity to question the status quo need apply.