How Nichelle Cut Her Workload in half and reclaimed her freedom to spend more time with her son

Nichelle Hubley

Founder of &Bam, a Vancouver-based company that provides email marketing solutions for ecommerce companies.

Big win: stepped up into leadership, reduced her workload and time “in” the business by over 50%.

Before: Nichelle was stretched thin. Although she had 4 team members working with her, she found herself still doing a little bit of everything — including managing many client accounts. She felt chained to the business because clients “expected” her to be the one doing the work. The company didn’t have systems in place to train new people and even spending a few hours away from the computer was causing anxiety.

Current Progress: Through Profit Paradigm, Nichelle realized that she is not her business — and learned that it wasn’t serving the company for her to continue wearing all the hats. She began implementing new training and systems to get all of the busywork off her hands and onto the plates of her highly-capable team. She had some tough conversations and stepped up as a leader. She’s gotten back dozens of hours every single week to work on the bigger vision and for the first time in what felt like forever, Nichelle was able to take an entire day off to spend with her son on his birthday.