How to Survive a Crisis

Whether it is us who caused it, or it comes knocking on our front door, the correct response to a crisis always requires measure and forethought. Don’t lose your cool. A crisis means something went wrong. And at the point where there is wrong, a right decision can be...

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7 Client Acquisition Methods

Today’s video is going to be HUGE for you if you run a service-based business. In other words, if you are a coach, consultant, freelancer or solo entrepreneur who uses their skills and trades time for $$, you NEED to watch this. Basically, I’m going DEEEEP today and...

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What If Fear Was A Friend?

Fear is a false barrier that feels like a roadblock, but is in fact a speed bump. You can always move past fear. You might just have to do it a little more slowly. It won’t be easy. But it’s not supposed to be. This is where the idea of courage comes into play....

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