How To Run Productive Client Meetings

By Daniel DiPiazza

Recently, I got a question on my YouTube channel and I thought was worth answering here.

The question: How do you run a great client meeting?

My thoughts:

If you’re a freelancer, service-based entrepreneur or agency owner, meeting with your client should accomplish two goals:

  • Keep you in the driver’s seat as the “authority” and trusted advisor
  • Provide the client maximum value, clarity and leadership

To facilitate that smooth client meetings, you need the following 5 elements:

1. Preparation: you want to go into the meeting with as much information as possible about who the client is, what their needs are and what the potential solutions are to their problems ahead of time, including foreseeing any potential roadblocks or issues.

2. Agenda: when I’m going into a business meeting, typically I like to take leadership by setting the agenda or objective for the meeting at the beginning. Taking ownership of setting the agenda puts you in the driver’s seat and positions you as the person directing the conversation. You want this. Have bullet points for everything you want to cover.

3. Conversation: Ask important questions that will help you learn more about what the client needs. Listen more than you speak to make sure that you really understand the issues the client is having.

4. Metrics: This is extremely important. For instance, if you run a digital marketing agency for your clients, you should come to each meeting with a clear idea of where numbers on each account are now, where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Sometimes your metrics will be wrong. But you still need to be making decisions based on them.

5. Followup: Set a clear date and time for your next appointment, as well as determining what touch points are to be expected between now and the next meeting.

If you follow this basic outline, your clients will feel your leadership. Your clear communication will put them at ease and you’ll be able to maintain that long-term, profitable relationship that is the lifeblood of all successful business.

Remember, it’s 7x more expensive to get NEW customers than to retain or reengage EXISTING ones.

Follow the money and step your game up 🙂

Much love,


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This post was a short, simple way to get straight to the heart of what needs to be done in your business. Enjoy today’s video and leave me good questions in the comments.

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