Most agency owners will never make it past $10k – $20k per month.


Well, all agency owners start their businesses as freelancers.

In the beginning, it’s just them and the business’s sole objective is to get as many clients as possible. With a little ambition and grit, most will make it to $10k – $20k/m without much trouble.

But to scale to $50k/m and up, it’s much less about “hustle” and more about systems, organization, and how scalable the business is.

Before you start looking at creating systems or hiring staff though, you need to have a clear way to track and understand all the numbers in your business. 

Otherwise you’re flying blind.

Numbers are, to your business, what an instrument panel is to an airplane. They allow you to see everything that’s happening in a true and objective manner. You wouldn’t fly a plane without properly functioning instruments, so why would you run a business the same way?

In our Profit Paradigm accelerator, we teach students to use what’s called the “Daily Dashboard”. It’s a quick way to track and measure everything going on in your business in under 10 minutes a day. In other words, it’s an instrument panel for your business.

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