How Stevie Went From $26k/m to $53k/m in 90-days

Stevie Johnston

Founder of DigitalOx, a San Diego company that helps advanced chiropractic clinics acquire more patients.

Big win: increased MRR from $26k/mo to $53k/mo and added over $320,000 in annual sales in 90 days

Before: Stevie was experiencing onboarding overload. Every client he brought on generated dozens of new “to-do’s” and the delivery of his product was taking away time he should have been spending on selling the product. He was completely at capacity and in need of new systems to keep growing.

Current Progress: After implementing the key organizational frameworks taught to agency owners inside of Profit Paradigm, he was able to bring more clients on with less strain on the system and productize his service. This allowed him to take leadership where he shines brightest — the sales process. His company escaped the $20k “quicksand” it’d been stuck in for months and broke $50k/month in 90 days.