Episode 88: The Mastery of Spirit with Dr. Brett Jones

By Daniel DiPiazza

Today, We’re Going Deep. 

This week’s episode focuses on your spiritual self and how to heal yourself from trauma and a painful past.

Our guest, Dr. Brett Jones, is a chiropractor, shaman and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Today, we’re going deep as Brett shares his thoughts on what medicine truly is and why it can be so hard to heal from our trauma.

Dr. Brett is one of my closest friends — which is why I asked him to speak at my Wielding Power event in Los Angeles this past April. Brett is also the author of the new book Know Who The F*ck You Are.

Anyway, on to today’s fire.

Key Points:

  • This week’s Alpha Activation [:35]
  • Who is Dr. Brett and what does he do? []
  • How did Dr. Brett first get started in developing his craft? []
  • How does Dr. Brett define medicine? []
  • When we disconnect ourselves from trauma, we also disconnect ourselves from who we are. []
  • Because you exist, you are proof, representation, and connection to the whole. There’s no barrier to what you can become. []
  • Dr. Brett shares the subtle differences between spirit and soul. []
  • You become the people you surround yourself with. []
  • Dr. Brett explains how you can transmute your wounds or trauma. []

Enjoy this one!

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