Episode 89: Profit Paradigm Breakthroughs (Behind The Scenes)

By Daniel DiPiazza

Profit Paradigm BTS

Allow me to pull back the curtain and welcome you to a behind-the-scenes coaching call with entrepreneurs in Profit Paradigm. We do these calls twice per week and go deep with all our students on the issues they are running into.

On this call, we discuss productization, cash-flow issues, systems, processes, and the wins that group members are having and how they navigated those.

We go through the “Rose, Bud, Thorn” process to assist members in appreciating their wins and identifying their struggles. These are the real strategies real entrepreneurs and CEOs use to level themselves up quickly.

Join us as we take stock of up and coming industries, how to accelerate your success onboarding clients, and propose ways for you to find your ideal client.

Key Points:

  • This week’s Alpha Activation is about the universal creative process, focus, and intention. [:18]
  • The Rose, Bud, Thorn exercise helps students understand what is good, what is growing, and what is a thorn in their business. []
  • The importance of writing down key questions you need answers to before you finish a sales call. []
  • Adapting to the working styles of others and setting proper expectations. []
  • Group feedback on the audiobook, Profit First. []
  • How to onboard clients while providing high-quality service to your existing base. []
  • How to find your ideal client. []
  • The opportunity for entrepreneurs that goes hand-and-hand with the legalization of cannabis. []

Want to get the skills, accountability and Mentorship you need to grow your business? Profit Paradigm is fucking awesome.


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