Episode 90: Improve the Leader, Improve the Business

By Daniel DiPiazza

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A few years ago, it wasn’t as clear to me how deeply connected our personal sense of well-being and our businesses are. But, time and time again, any achievement I accomplished only felt good if I felt good about myself, too.

The healthier my body and mind were, the more satisfied I was with my decisions and the trajectory of my business. It’s all connected. That’s why our motto at Alpha is “Improve the Leader. Improve the Business.”

There is a true parallel effect between who you are being on the inside and who you are being on the outside. You must do the internal work for your life to improve externally. This is a reality for creative entrepreneurs.

During this episode, I share advice to find balance and tips on how you can integrate holistic practices into your life to ensure the success of your business.

Key Points:

  • Improve the leader, improve the business. []
  • What does it mean to work on yourself and how it affects your environment? []
  • The benefits leaders gain from consistent, hard physical work. []
  • Develop, explore, and heal yourself with plant medicines. []

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