Episode 92: Mentorship Session with Special Guest Frank Bria

By Daniel DiPiazza

The Mentor’s Mentor

I call Frank Bria my “business dad” because I’ve leaned on him for nearly 2 years in all matters “CEO.” I deeply respect his opinion, years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and his balanced approach to growth. 

He’s my Obi Wan. So naturally, I had to bring him to Profit Paradigm to work with my people!

In this live Mentorship session, Frank covers everything from scaling, to team building, productization of services, engineering a customer experience, and how to manage the value chain. He is an expert in growing and scaling businesses. He has experience in the education space, high-tech startups, consulting, and the building of entrepreneur programs.

Key Points:

  • Frank shares his journey from teacher to high-tech startup consultant to assisting entrepreneurs to scale their business. []
  • The key to productizing services is to think of it as manufacturing. []
  • Marketing strategies, processes, and delivering outcomes clients care about. []
  • How to find your niche. []
  • Hiring and firing to grow your business is easier if you have a clear understanding of these three major areas. []
  • The difference between leadership and management and how a leader should organize their day. []
  • Results are what separate good entrepreneurs from the true superstars. []
  • The Four Reasons Anyone Buys Anything. []
  • What it means to own the value chain. []
  • The importance of simplifying the communication structure fundamentally. []
  • How to create a harmonious work environment with the Root Cause Analysis framework. []
  • Creating Momentum: Engineer the entire experience to deliver wins all the time and celebrate the wins. []

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