Episode 96: Industry Leaders Focus on Customers, Not Competition

By Daniel DiPiazza

Give The People What They Want


21 minutes of straight fire on the podcast today as I break down some of the biggest companies in the world, and how they stay ahead of the curve by giving customers what they want.

This episode demonstrates the importance of having your customer avatar dialed in and the importance of focusing only on a few core products.

Key Points:

  • McDonald’s is a great example of how a business can lose focus, identify the error, and regain focus. []
  • What McDonald’s did to confuse millions of customers. []
  • The importance of doing what you are good at and focusing on what your customer wants. []
  • Efficiency in business is good until it cuts into the quality of your product. []
  • The idea is to give them what they want and then give it to them even better. []
  • Look to industry leaders for tips on how to elevate your game. []

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