Episode 98: Mentorship Session with Special Guest Ankur Nagpal of Teachable

By Daniel DiPiazza

0 to $24MM in 5 Years w/Ankur Nagpal of Teachable


A few weeks ago, we brought my friend Ankur Nagpal into a private phone call to Mentor 22 entrepreneurs in Profit Paradigm. We recorded it for the podcast so that “outsiders” can listen, too.

Ankur is the CEO of Teachable — the world’s #1 SAAS platform for online course creators to sell their content.

At the ripe age of 30 old, this brilliant entrepreneur has successfully shepherded the company to $24MM ARR. It took him just 5 years. I’m not impressed by much, but that certainly registers.

Having a single, powerful conversation with an entrepreneur of Ankur’s caliber might change the trajectory your entire life. Having a conversation like that every few weeks is guaranteed to.

That’s the type of transformation our students are getting working with the Mentors we bring in.


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