Execute Your Plans Instead of Just Thinking About Them

By Daniel DiPiazza

Coming up with an idea is the easiest thing in the world. It seems like the hardest thing, but it’s actually the easiest. 

Execution is the golden thread that binds your intention together. To execute your idea means shaping your thought into tangible reality one decision at a time. It means drawing the hammer of willpower across the anvil of intent time and again.

Once your mind has decided to execute a plan, your natural defense mechanisms go up and you begin to see all the areas where the plan could fail or falter. You spot cracks in your own armor. 

In order to feel more “prepared” for the adversity ahead, you examine the potential problem from every conceivable angle, hoping to resolve roadblocks that may not occur before they actually happen.

Because you cannot solve a non-existent problem, your brain reads “ERROR” and rejects the entire project on principle. The risk carried by a potential negative outcome is scary. What’s even scarier is the fear of the unknown. 

Just remember that all your projections and assumptions are based on what you know right now. Which isn’t a lot, compared to how much you don’t know.

(And there’s even more that you don’t know you don’t know. But that’s getting a little too deep.)

Your execution of the plan does not have to be flawless. It never is. Start by identifying the outcome you want to create:

‘I want to make $1,000 with my side hustle this month”

Good. Now, reverse engineer from there:

Ok, to hit my goal, I’m going to need to get 5 customers at $200 or 10 at $100.

Do I know or am I a part of an existing group of people who need my product or service?

Where can I find people who need what I have to offer?

How many people (leads) would I need to speak to in order to create 10 new customers?

This is the thought process you should be going through when you’re in execution mode.

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