Morning Thoughts For Smart People

Morning Thoughts For Smart People

Morning thoughts for smart people:

A comparison between communist or socialist countries and those with more capitalist set ups that are supposed to be “democratic welfare” states like the USA.

While it seems that these socialist countries take much more from their constituents, it’s really the democratic states that take the most because they first allow you to accumulate private resources to a degree that countries like Russia or China will not and then they tax the shit out of you.

It’s not that you can necessarily just make more in America, it’s that they allow you to make more by building private wealth and then text you an incredible amount to fund the machine.

Also, you know one of the things that really blows my mind is this whole idea of the stimulus check that we got a few years ago or the the check that we’re getting now for Covid relief.

I just can’t understand how a country that makes so much money and creates so much wealth can only afford to give out a few paltry checks over the course of a year when there’s no way that this amount of money will really help anybody.

It’s like dragging someone through a desert and then in the middle of trek giving them only one glass of water to survive. For people who’ve truly been affected by Covid financially, $1400 is both desperately needed and not anywhere close to enough.

It’s almost an insult in some ways, which I know it’s not a popular opinion.

Like…we are all getting taxed way more $$ than the amount of relief we are getting. Even people who make minimum wage pay more per year in taxes than they will get in Covid relief.

Am I in Crazy Land here?? I just don’t get it.

We are paying for 3 million federal employees and prob 10-20 million contract workers. Plus retirement and other legacy costs. But the USA is operated like a company run by its employees, not its customers. 

Now, I’ve been a Teamster. I worked a union job. I see, that in many ways while the union did offer some benefits a long time ago, now it’s often a vehicle for people to completely slack off. I have so many stories of people who just worked the system and should have gotten fired. Even I got fired 2x and they had to retain me plus pay back pay when I came back. Cool at the time, but not sustainable.

What we have in the government here is at the very top a union of people who vote on their own salary and then vote to enforce that salary on other people. This is a stark contrast from a company that is run by its customers. When you have a company that’s run by the employees, costs will be high because people want to get paaaaiiiid and thus margins will be low. If you have a company that’s run by its customers costs will be low (because customers want to save) and margins will be high.


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