What Is The New Wave Protocol?

In 2022, I'm launching a program called The New Wave Protocol (NWP) for 9 entrepreneurs. The program is designed to transform your life in 3 areas:

1. Financial: by the end you will come out as an expert in blockchain technology, crypto, NFTs. You will emerge as the leader and envy of your friends. You will set yourself up for life financially in the new economy.

2. Physical: you will be prepared to physically and legally defend yourself and your family hand-to-hand / with a firearm, as well as provide emergency first aid. This will greatly increase your confidence and real world abilities.

3. Spiritual: you will go deep inside yourself to heal wounds, find untapped wisdom and create new connections you did not know were possible.

If you'd like to hear more about this program, I'm opening up time on my calendar to take phone calls. Fill out this 90-second application and I'll get back to you to set up a time.