2009 Called. They Want Their Boring Online Business Courses Back. 

Profit Paradigm leverages education, accountability and personalized mentorship to help entrepreneurs 2-5x monthly revenue + build systems in 90 days. No-hype. Only nerds, geeks and freaks need apply.

★★★★★ 100% Student Satisfaction

Entrepreneurs Don’t Need More Content.

You don’t need another series of video lectures to mindlessly consume. 

You don’t need another copy-paste funnel, Facebook ads system or more “proven templates.” 

You don’t need more courses. Period.

Entrepreneurs don’t need more information. We need complete transformation.

Because it takes so much more than just new ideas and “motivation” or “hustle” to grow your business. 

You need a flexible strategy that makes sense for your business right now, not a cookie-cutter program made for the masses 2 years ago.

You need massive accountability to yourself and a peer group you respect.

You need experienced Mentorship to provide clarity and guidance when times get tough. Because they will. 

Keep reading to find out why 8 in 10 entrepreneurs who join Profit Paradigm double their monthly revenue in 90 days or less — and become world-class leaders in the process.

8 Out of 10 Students in Profit Paradigm 2-5x Their Monthly Revenue in 90 Days…or Less

 The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Mentor Our Students. No Wonder It Works. 

 Mentorship at scale takes more than one person’s skill set or perspective. Just like pro athletes have more than one coach, entrepreneurs need many different perspectives to grow.

Profit Paradigm brings the world’s best entrepreneurs from across many different industries every single month for live Mentorship sessions with our members. 

Having a single, powerful conversation with an entrepreneur this such caliber might change the trajectory of your entire life. Having a conversation like that every few weeks is guaranteed to transform it.

Here are some of the Mentors we’ve brought into the program over the last few months to work with our students.

You may recognize a few of them.

Ankur Nagpal

Founder and CEO of Teachable

"Daniel is helping entrepreneurs level up. And I'd say that even if he didn't use Teachable. This is exactly what the industry needs!"


Tom Bilyeu

Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition

"I think what Daniel is doing for entrepreneurs at Alpha Mentorship is simple but powerful — he is leading with excellence." 


Natalie Ellis

Co-Founder and CEO of Bossbabe

"Daniel is helping entrepreneurs grow, both inside and out. He's a leading light for the new generation."


Erik Huberman

CEO of Hawke Media

"Seeing what Daniel is doing for his clients is extraordinary. His work is changing the game."


Amanda Bucci

Entrepreneur and Host of Bucci Radio

"Daniel really understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face. His coaching is World-Class."



Gerard Adams

Entrepreneur and Investor

"Daniel is doing transformational work for the entrepreneurs & leaders of our generation."


Here’s some of our students with Tom Bilyeu at his house (the set of Impact Theory) in Los Angeles. Tom is no ordinary entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of a billion dollar “unicorn” startup called Quest Nutrition and an up-and-coming entertainment mogul. 

It goes without saying — you can’t package all that wisdom and put it into a course. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments

At one of our quarterly live meetings, Tom was nice enough to let us watch him film behind the scenes, then spent 2 hours with our students coaching them on specific business challenges.

There may be better online curriculums in the world with fancier videos that drone on for a long time in glorious Dolby Digital. But we’re not playing that game. Our goal is to connect you with real humans.

That’s what Mentorship means to us.

Scale Your Company, Not Your Workload.

A Proven System

Profit Paradigm teaches you a repeatable system for creating rapid and sustainable business growth that is proven to work over and over again (just see some of the results below).

Principles, Not Tactics

Tactics and strategies are one-dimensional. Profit Paradigm shows you the principles behind the strategies so you can produce predictable results no matter the circumstance.

Integrated Mentorship

Profit Paradigm combines an industry-leading curriculum with live accountability, expert mentorship + live meet ups to make sure you take action and are never left wondering what to do next.

Now It’s Your Turn to Build the Systemized, Scalable Business You Know You’re Capable of…

“I’ve been able to double my business, reduce my work time, and I just feel so much lighter.”

Tony used to be stuck running his business like a freelancer. He was doing almost everything himself and was responsible for every part of the business, with no idea how he was going to systemize and scale. After completing the program, Tony doubled his revenue, reduced his day-to-day workload, and finally has space to enjoy life.

“I doubled my revenue and was finally able to take a vacation.”

Before Profit Paradigm, Stephanie couldn’t even take a vacation without being chained to her laptop 24/7. After completing the program, she doubled her revenue, significantly reduced her workload, and was finally able to take a vacation without the business falling apart. 

“I finally have time to spend with my family, I get more sleep at night, and I’m no longer stressed out all the time.”

Nichelle was already making good money coming into the program, but she had absolutely no time for herself. She was fulfilling everything herself and was constantly putting out fires and dealing with clients. The worst thing was, she had tried other programs and coaches but none of it helped. Now that she’s completed the program, she finally has time to spend with her young family and is soon to hit her first $50,000 month.

How Profit Paradigm Works:


Self-Paced Online Curriculum

The online curriculum contains 6 modules and shows you the 80/20 of leveling up and building a self-sustaining business. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with the twice-weekly coaching calls so you’re never left wondering what you need to do next.


Twice-Weekly Coaching

You get direct access to Alpha Mentorship founder, Daniel DiPiazza, so you can get feedback and advice on any of the challenges you’re facing. You will also get to learn from other students who are going through similar challenges as you because of the group setting (Zoom video chat).


World-Class Mentorship

Every month, we bring in expert entrepreneurs from various fields to work with you in small groups and answer live Q&A. This is unparalleled access to people who are usually impossible to reach. 


Community + Live Meet Ups

Because Profit Paradigm is invite-only, the quality of people in the group is extremely high. We keep you accountable on the daily through a private Facebook community and meet up every 4 months in real life. You’ll never get left behind.

A Proven Framework For Success

Our method for helping you learn new skills uses a combination of videos, exercises and a curated book list to fill in your knowledge gaps spark the growth process.

Entrepreneurs are required to read at least 4 books during the program and integrate the lessons directly into their business.

That’s about 1,200 pages of reading or 15 hours of listening on Audible at a moderate 2x speed. 

We are not playing around.



Here’s what’s covered inside of Profit Paradigm:

  • Company organization, vision and structure
  • Cash flow analysis, org charts
  • Productization and streamlined delivery processes
  • Team building, leadership, management of systems
  • CFO skills: cash flow management and consistent profit growth
  • In-depth marketing strategies (online and offline)
  • Sales systems training
  • How to create SOPs, hire talent and build to sell
Unit 1: The Fundamentals and Big Picture

The first unit is all about preparing for the journey ahead. You’ll be given an overview of every step you need to take to level up as a CEO and build a scalable, self-sustaining business.

Unit 2: Big Vision, Big Leadership

In unit 2, you’ll discover the key differences in how freelancers and CEOs think, as well as how to build a company culture that will make your business much less “hands-on” right out of the gate.

Unit 3: Finance and Numbers

Running a business without knowing your numbers is like flying a plane with no instrument panel. In unit 3 you’ll discover easiest way to track and manage your numbers to help make your business more organized, predictable, and profitable than ever.

Unit 4: Filling the Pipeline

If you aren’t able to generate a consistent stream of new leads, you’ll never scale. In unit 4 we go over idiot-proof marketing and lead generation.

Unit 5: Making it Rain

Proposals suck. In unit 5, you’ll discover the quickest and easiest way to turn leads into clients, without having to waste hours building proposals that never get read. Plus, you’ll learn how to command higher prices without losing clients.

Unit 6: Designing the Machine

Finally, in unit 6, you’ll discover how to build your team and create the systems that will allow your business to run like clockwork with or without you. You’ll learn exactly what you need to look for when hiring, what roles you should fill first, plus where to find the best talent so you never have to doubt your hiring decisions.

Is Profit Paradigm Right for You?

Profit Paradigm is RIGHT for you if:

You already have a business and you’re averaging at least $10k USD per month

You’re an action-taker and are committed to leveling up. You know that if you put in the work up front, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come

You’re an entrepreneurship nerd who is obsessed with learning, growing and pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Profit Paradigm is NOT for you if:

You’re just starting and don’t have any customers or clients.

You’re looking for a do-nothing-and-make-money magic bullet. Or if you can’t take constructive feedback.

You’re a miserable SOB who is only in it for the money and don’t care about providing real value to your customers.

Think You’ve Got What it Takes to Build a Real Company That Can Grow Without You?

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Need More Proof?
Here’s Some More Student Success Stories

“We increased one of our client retainers by $30k and learned to package our services in a way that has really increased our revenue.”

“When I joined, I had just hit $8k/m. Now coming out from the end of the course, I’ve more than doubled that ($19k last month).”

“Profit Paradigm showed us how to think like real CEOs and has allowed us to grow our business by over 100%.”

“I used to be constantly overworked and burnt out. Profit Paradigm taught me how to implement the right systems to solve those issues.”

“Profit Paradigm helped me get to the next level in a very practical and high-level way. It’s truly a well-oiled machine helping entrepreneurs grow.”

“I’ve become so much more organized in my business, I’ve got systems in place for everything, and my revenue is on track to double.”

“Just 4 weeks in, I already have a lot more clarity and direction with my business, and it’s given me a lot of momentum to move forward.”

“I’ve learned how to put the right systems in my business to really scale and allow it to run like clockwork regardless of whether I’m there or not.”

“Profit Paradigm is a true growth engine for entrepreneurs. After joining the program I was able to double my revenue.”

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