The “Red Pill” For Scaling Your Agency?

Let me tell you what nobody else will about building a systemized agency that makes as much money as you please — no matter how little you work…

Picture this:

You wake up, calm and energized, at whatever time you want.

You make some coffee, maybe do some reading, and spend your morning doing whatever you please.

There’s no need to check your phone or respond to client emails. Your team has everything handled. And you just had your most profitable month since starting your business.

When you decide to, you open your laptop to do some work…

Not the mind-numbing client work you were once used to. But work you enjoy. On your business. And only for as long as you please — be it one hour or four.

For a moment, you think you’re still dreaming.

But this is real. And attainable.

In fact, if you decide to “take the red pill” I’m about to share with you, your mornings could start to look like this in just a few months.

Let me show you what I mean…

A friend of mine, Stevie, runs a marketing agency for chiropractors. After he took the “red pill”, he cut his workload in half and ended up scaling from $25k per month to $53k in 10 weeks.

Another good friend, Vic, runs an agency that works with luxury car dealerships. He took his business from $9k per month to $19k in the span of two weeks by selling a new service he came up with (one that requires much less work) after I shared the “red pill” with him.

I also used the “red pill” to systemize my own agency back in 2014 and take it from $15k per month to $50k per month in six months… while cutting my work down to less than three hours a day.

That might sound hard to believe. But it’s true. And I’ll show you how you can do the same in just a moment.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea the “red pill” even exists. That’s why so many end up trapped in a job they’ve created for themselves — they’re stuck in the matrix.

Almost no one talks about it. Not even in the online business community. Most people just aren’t aware of it.

It’s not an outsourcing tactic. It’s not a strategy for hiring your team and creating systems. And it has nothing to do with getting more clients (although, that will happen as a result)…

It’s much more important than any of those things.

It could mean the difference between building a self-sufficient agency that makes as much money as you please, no matter how little you work…

…or remaining stuck in the 24/7 job you’ve created for yourself for the next three, five, or even ten years.

To fully understand the “red pill”, however, I first need to provide some context — to understand a solution, you need to understand the problem it solves first…

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out what’s standing between you and the scalable, self-sustaining business you know you’re capable of building, this is probably it:

Are You Stuck in the “Matrix”?

Along the treacherous journey that is entrepreneurship, there are many hidden and unpredictable dangers — none more insidious than the “Agency Growth Matrix”.

It’s this weird transitional phase that almost every agency owner goes through where everyday starts to feel the same. You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel. Stuck in the daily grind.

Your business isn’t dying. But it’s not growing either.

And the only true unit of measurement to tell how deep you’re stuck in the Matrix is the level of boredom, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm you experience from running your business.

There’s a good chance you’re stuck in the Matrix if:

– You feel like a slave to your business

– You’re in a constant state of overwhelm

– You have no time for the things you love outside of business

– You spend all day working for your clients instead of yourself

– Your once fun and exciting business is now a constant headache

– You feel like you’re working all the time, yet, your business still won’t grow

What’s worse is that, when the Matrix has you, you think you’re doing the right things to move your business forward; working long hours, hiring a team, creating systems, etc…

But really you’re working against yourself, mashing the gas and the brake at the same time because you haven’t yet realized the “red pill”.

If you’ve tried hiring a team and creating systems, but STILL find yourself doing most of the grunt-work, putting out fires, fixing other people’s mistakes, and struggling to scale — this is why.

How Do I Know?

About five years ago I was in a position that is probably similar to you:

Trapped in a 24/7 job I created for myself.

Mine was called Primal Digital, we offered web design and digital marketing services. I was making okay money — about $15k a month — but I had no freedom to enjoy it.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was trapped in the Matrix. And it was kicking my ass.

My average workday was about 14 hours…

I woke up every day in a stressed and reactive state, wondering what fires I would have to put out today…

And no matter what I tried or how much I worked, I could never make it past $20k per month consistently. (Actually, I think the most I did at this point was $21k, but it was a colossal fucking effort and the next month I only did $8k).

But the worst thing about it?

I couldn’t even take a vacation without being permanently attached to my phone or laptop.

I vividly remember being on vacation with my family in Miami. And I clearly recall the feeling in the pit of my stomach as my future wife and friends went out without me… because I was afraid the business would collapse if I didn’t stay at the hotel and work.

I came home from that “vacation” exhausted and demoralized. Something had to change. This wasn’t the level of freedom I’d envisioned for myself at the beginning of the journey.

I knew I was capable of so much more. So, I began to examine my beliefs about what was possible for myself and the business — I was shocked at what I found when I did some digging.

In the midst of this “entrepreneurial puberty,” I uncovered two false beliefs — aka paradigms — that were the core impediments to my growth.

Once I became aware of these two false paradigms, the “red pill” revealed itself to me and I could finally see the path I had to take to get my business where I wanted it to be — this was my “Neo” moment.

Within six months Primal Digital was consistently doing $50,000 a month…

The business ran like clockwork — with or without me…

And because I didn’t have to constantly babysit it, I was free to focus on other creative passions. For me, that meant writing and building my second company, Rich20Something, in digital publishing (which ended up becoming a multi-million dollar business).

The rest, as they say, is history.

So what were those two false paradigms, and how did they cause me to uncover the “red pill”?

Simply put, they are the antithesis to the “red pill”. And until you delete them from your mind, you’ll remain stuck in the Matrix.

Pay close attention to see if they sound familiar…


More Work = More Money

The first false paradigm holding me back was the belief that the more I worked, the more money I would make.

Sounds correct in theory, right?

From a young age, we are conditioned to believe that hard work is what makes a person successful.

You have to “pay your dues”. “Good things come to those who work”. And so on.

This belief originated in the industrial age.

The wealthy businessmen who ran the steel and railroad companies wanted their employees to work harder. So they would tell employees that they too could be successful if they worked hard.

Of course, this was just a strategy to put more money into their own pockets.

Over time, this false paradigm became deeply ingrained in society. There’s this pervading idea that you have to “work hard” to achieve what you want in life — that in order to make more money, you have to do more work.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, if you do it right, you actually make more money by doing LESS.

This “more work = more money” belief is reinforced when we start our businesses — especially if you started out as a freelancer — because you are paid in direct proportion to the amount of work you do.

In the beginning, your business is simply a machine that harvests your time and energy for profit. The problem is, your time and energy are finite, so at a certain point you max out — if you try to overextend yourself, that’s when you burn out.

The real issue isn’t your work-ethic or productivity — it’s how you have (or haven’t) designed the machine.

This isn’t something you can work yourself out of. Trying to outwork a badly designed machine will just lead to burnout.


Delegating Cures All

The second false paradigm I fell for was the idea that hiring a team and delegating client work to them would lighten my own workload.


There’s a widespread myth that hiring a team and just fucking “delegating” — as all the books say — will result in a scalable and automated business.

But here’s what typically happens when most agency owners start hiring:

  • They look for employees or contractors on websites like Upwork
  • They have interviews with a few people, not really sure of what to look for
  • They hire several people and get them to start taking over client work
  • ​The new hires don’t do the job right or can’t make decisions on their own
  • ​Agency owner then has to fix the mistakes themselves, and instead of being free to focus on work that moves the business forward, they become a babysitter for their team.

Sound familiar?

See, once you bring on more people, it only multiplies the number of conversations you have to monitor and be a part of. Which ends up with you spending your day answering questions and fixing things.

You become the central node of every employee’s decision-making process.

You’ve hired people and somehow have less time than ever. Fantastic.

Most agency owners hire employees hoping that their added help will give them valuable time back. More often than not, however, hiring people can cause more headaches than it solves.

Until you realize this fact:

Deciding is not the same as delegating.

When an employee comes to you with a problem and you coach them through the entire decision-making process, you waste a lot of energy coming up with the solution. If you’re the one solving the problem, you’re not delegating. You’re deciding.

When you empower employees through delegation, you give them authority and decision-making power. Then, after a training period, you allow them to take responsibility for the outcome of their work. If the employee owns the process from start to finish, now you’re delegating.

When you’re deciding for your employees, you are the bottleneck because most of the leverage still rests with you. When you learn how to truly lead and delegate, your team will grow naturally.

The “Red Pill”

A good way to think about paradigms is like software programs.

They are beliefs that control our thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions. And we have hundreds of them running at any given time… all subconsciously.

Sometimes we adopt paradigms that are based on a false reality, and sometimes they become outdated as we progress in life and business.

If that happens, they can cause us to do things and make decisions that don’t serve us.

The problem is, we tend to ignore the warning signs: the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. We tell ourselves these things are “normal for entrepreneurs”. As a result, we often don’t realize certain actions or decisions were hurting us until we have a paradigm shift and gain a different perspective.

This is what causes self-sabotage. This is the real reason you’re probably stuck in the Matrix.

After examining my own paradigms and beliefs, I began to compare them to the paradigms and beliefs of great entrepreneurs.

What separated people like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos from me?

Then it hit me: they operate from a totally different paradigm.

They thought like real CEOs, acted like real CEOs, and got the results of a real CEO…

I thought like a freelancer, acted like a freelancer, and so I got the results of a freelancer.

That’s when I finally realized the “red pill”…

In order for me to build a scalable and systemized business that made money even if I wasn’t there, I had to stop thinking like a freelancer…

…and start thinking like a CEO.

Albert Einstein once quipped:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”…

By the same principle, your business will not evolve if your level of thinking stays the same…

This was the revelation that changed everything for me.

See, when you think like a CEO, you behave like a CEO.

When you behave like a CEO, you build the habits of a CEO.

When you build the right habits and beliefs around your business, everything else effortlessly falls into place. Scaling your business then becomes a fun game rather than a soul-crushing struggle.

The only problem is, most entrepreneurs have no idea how to think like a CEO.

For most, “CEO” is just a badge of honor that says “Screw you, establishment. I make the rules.” — and that’s a message that resonates with almost all entrepreneurs.

But let me be crystal clear with you for a moment: there is a tremendous difference between being a freelancer with a few contractors, and being a real CEO.

See, a freelancer is only focused on the “business” part of business…

Marketing. Sales. Fulfillment. All the things that make the cash register go “ding”.

Those are all important things. But they aren’t the whole picture.

CEOs aren’t just focused on building the “business”, they are also focused on building the company itself…

The systems. The culture. The people. The legacy.

CEOs understand how to combine all the core elements of business — marketing, sales, operations, finance — with the systems, leadership, management, and team building skills required to build something that grows beyond them, and produces revenue forever.

In order to succeed and get out of the Matrix, you’ll need to evolve from being a freelancer, to becoming a CEO. A master of your craft. An expert in everything that pertains to your domain.

It’s a daunting leap that many are afraid to make. And that’s why so many stay stuck.

But with the right training, guidance, and support, making the leap is much easier…

And that’s why the Alpha Mentorship team and I are thrilled to introduce the Profit Paradigm accelerator:

Profit Paradigm is the program I wish I had when I was in the pits of growing my agency.

It is unlike any other program or course for agency owners.

It doesn’t just teach you the tactical stuff like creating systems, hiring a team, or getting clients…

…it teaches you how to level up as an entrepreneur and become a true CEO first so that all the other stuff falls into place naturally (instead of having to work yourself to the brink of burnout to barely move the needle).

It combines a self-paced online curriculum with twice-weekly coaching, expert masterclasses, and a real community of other six-figure agency owners to help you see results as fast as possible.

As of this writing, every student who has completed the program has at least doubled their revenue while drastically reducing their day-to-day workload.

For most students, Profit Paradigm has allowed them to take real time off for the first time since starting their businesses.

That’s huge.

But before I get into all the details of the program, let me share what some of the students think about the program…

Dustin 2.5x’d his recurring revenue in under 13 weeks and was able to take time off for a 5-year anniversary trip with his wife

Stephanie increased her monthly recurring revenue by $10k in under 12 weeks
Stevie increased his monthly revenue from $26k to $53k in 3 months

Vic doubled his revenue in the span of two weeks selling a brand new service

Here’s Everything You Get as a Student

Lifetime Access to the Profit Paradigm Online Curriculum

The online curriculum shows you the 80/20 of leveling up from freelancer to CEO and building a self-sustaining agency.

Rather than overwhelm you by making the curriculum obnoxiously long so we can say stuff like “OVER 100 VIDEOS INCLUDED”… we thought it would be better to leave out all the fluff and only include exactly what you need to achieve your goal.

In fact, the whole curriculum only has 18 videos, most of which are less than an hour long (half an hour if you watch at 2x speed).

The curriculum is designed to work hand-in-hand with the twice-weekly coaching calls so you’re never left wondering what you need to do next.

There are six units:

Unit 1: The Fundamentals and Big Picture
The first unit is all about preparing for the journey ahead. I break down every step you need to take to level up as a CEO and build a scalable, self-sustaining agency.

Unit 2: Big Vision, Big Leadership
In unit 2, I show you the key differences in how freelancers and CEOs think, as well as how to build a company culture that will make your business much less “hands-on” right out of the gate.

Unit 3: Finance and Numbers
Running a business without knowing your numbers is like flying a plane with no instrument panel. In unit 3 I show you the easiest way to track and manage your numbers to help make your business more organized, predictable, and profitable than ever.

Unit 4: Market Infiltration
It amazes me when I see agencies that do marketing for their clients but not for themselves. In unit 4 we go over idiotproof marketing and lead generation for agencies, plus I’ll show you the secrets of how 7-figure agencies attract new clients at-will.

Unit 5: Making it Rain
Proposals suck. In unit 5, I’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to turn leads into clients, without having to waste hours building proposals that never get read. Plus, I’ll walk you through how to command higher prices without losing clients.

Unit 6: Designing the Machine
Finally, in unit 6, I show you how to build your team and create the systems that will allow your business to run like clockwork with or without you. I go over exactly what you need to look for when hiring, what roles you should fill first, plus where to find the best talent so you never have to doubt your hiring decisions.

Curious what the lessons look like? Here is an actual lesson from unit 3 (you’re welcome):


Twice-Weekly Coaching via Zoom

While the curriculum is a big part of the program, there’s only so much you can do alone.

Having a coach to check in with each week, to keep you on the right track, and to hold you accountable means failing is damn near impossible.

I’ve personally built multiple 7-figure companies and have racked up a ton of experience helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses over my career. In our weekly group coaching calls, you get direct access to me so you can get feedback and advice on any of the challenges you’re facing.

Not only that, but because of the group setting, you will also get to learn from other students who are going through the same challenges as you.

Coaching calls typically last between one and two hours and are held every Monday and Thursday at 12 pm PST.

Exclusive Masterclasses with Hard-to-Reach Special Guests

Having me coach you is great, but we take it one step further by inviting special guests into the group for extremely intimate interviews and Q&A sessions every other month.

Previous masterclasses have included:

Building an Agency Empire with Eric Huberman, founder of Hawke Media, the fastest growing marketing agency in the United States with over $5 million in annual revenue. Hawke Media is currently valued at $75 million.

Sales and Client Acquisition with Anthony Aramini. Anthony is the best salesperson in the world that I know of… As a result of his coaching, the Alpha Mentorship sales team closed over a quarter of a million dollars in a single month.

Creating Lifelong Wealth with Scott Dunlap. This was a class favorite. Scott is an expert in wealth creation and financial management for entrepreneurs. He started out as a coaching client of mine, and when I realized how good he was, I actually hired him as my own advisor.

Productizing and Scaling for Service-Based Businesses with Frank Bria. Frank is a personal mentor of mine and he has been instrumental in the growth and development of Alpha Mentorship over the last two years. He is an expert at turning services into scalable products that are both easier to sell and deliver.

Curious how the masterclasses work? Here is a snippet of the call we did with Erik Huberman:


A High-Quality Community of Serious Agency Owners

For most programs, the Facebook group and community are nothing more than an afterthought full of newbies asking ridiculous questions instead of doing work.

Not the case with Profit Paradigm.

Because Profit Paradigm is invite only, the quality of people in the group is extremely high.

It’s a real community where students spend a lot of time interacting and helping each other — not something that we’ve just tacked onto the program to make it appear more valuable.

If you ever have concerns or questions about challenges you’re going through, your fellow students are always willing to help:

Is Profit Paradigm Right For You?

I am extremely selective about who I let into the program — letting the wrong people in could hurt the entire experience for everyone. I would much rather work with a small group of high-quality action-takers than a large group of time wasters.

With that said, please read this carefully. These rules are set in stone and if you don’t fit the criteria, you will not be allowed to join.

Profit Paradigm is NOT for you if:

  • You’re just starting and don’t have any clients
  • You run a business that is anything other than an agency
  • You’re looking for a do-nothing-and-make-money magic bullet
  • ​You’re only in it for the money and don’t care about providing real value to your clients

Profit Paradigm IS for you if:

  • You already have an agency with at least a few clients, and are making at least $5k per month on average
  • You’re an action-taker and are committed to leveling up from freelancer to CEO. You know that if you put in the work up front, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come
  • You’re looking for a proven SYSTEM that you can use to build a scalable, self-sustaining agency as fast as possible

Ready to Stop Running in Place and Start Scaling?

I’ve shown you the “red pill” for building a systemized and scalable agency.

I’ve shown you what happens when you level up from freelancer to CEO.

And I’ve shown you how Profit Paradigm can help you make that transition as fast and painless as possible.

Now the decision is completely in your hands.

Only one of two things can happen right now.

The Blue Pill:
Either you go it alone and continue slaving away to your business, continue missing out on things you love to do, and continue making less money than you know you’re capable of…


The Red Pill:
You can join us in Profit Paradigm, become a true CEO, and finally build a scalable agency that makes money with or without you.

The decision is yours alone to make.

But if you were looking back on this moment 6 months in the future, and your life and business were still exactly the same as it is today, would you be okay with that?

If you would like to join us, fill out your details at the bottom of this page now.

If you fit the criteria above, you’ll receive an email shortly with a link to my ScheduleOnce page where you can book a 15 minute call with me to see if you’re a good fit.

I look forward to speaking with you.


Daniel DiPiazza

Founder & CEO, Alpha Mentorship

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