How Alicia Banished “headache” clients and doubled her monthly recurring revenue in 90-days

Alicia Glenn

Founder of ProspectUp, a New York agency that helps construction companies generate leads with sales automation.

Big win: increased her recurring revenue by 100% in 90 days while eliminating “problem” clients and dialing in her niche.

Before: Alicia’s company is really good at what it does — generate leads. The problem was, they didn’t know which market to serve. With clients in multiple different industries all demanding different things, it was nearly impossible for her to streamline and productize her service. She was burning out.

Current Progress: Fast forward 90 days later and Alicia has doubled her monthly recurring revenue in 90 days (from $8k to $16k) using the Profit Paradigm system. But more than that, she’s improved her product, gotten crystal clear on who she wants to serve and designed a step-by-step plan for ProspectUp to grow to the next level. A CEO is born.