At crossroads, you have two options: give up or keep trying.

It’s a really tough decision.

But let me ask you this: you know the result of option #1, don’t you?

If you give up, life will go back to “normal.” You’ll return to status quo. Nothing will change and you’ll have put in a lot of effort for something that in the end, yielded little to no results.

But what about option #2?

What if you just pushed through that uncomfortable phase? You don’t even know what you’re capable of, because you’ve never been to the other side. You don’t even know how good it could be because you’re not allowing yourself to get far enough in the game to experience mastery.

What if Picasso or Walt Disney had stopped early?

What if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates had stopped early?

We would all be robbed of the greatness that they brought.

Don’t do the world (and more importantly, yourself) the same disservice.

Learn From My Pain, You Masochist.


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