How Stephanie Increased Her Monthly Recurring Revenue By $10k in Under 13-Weeks… While Reducing Her Workload

Stephanie Chiramberro

Founder of SJC Digital Marketing, a San Francisco-based agency that advises fashion, influencer and retail brands.

Big win: increased MRR from $9k/mo to $20,000/mo and added $120,000 in annual sales in 90 days

Before: Stephanie had a great product, but a shaky sales process. She did not have a pipeline of consistent leads and was not confident in her closing abilities — often having only a handful of sales opportunities every month and waiting weeks to hear back from companies who couldn’t afford her on proposals that were probably never getting looked at.

Current progress: By implementing the Profit Paradigm system, Stephanie found clients who could afford her rates and developed a customized sales process that allows her to close with confidence and ease. Now, she’s free to hiring and delegating herself out of the day-to-day so that she can focus on the more important work required to grow her company. She doubled her monthly recurring revenue and added $120,000 of annual sales in 90 days by doing the work and committing to the Profit Paradigm system.