How Vic Tripled His Prices and Doubled His Recurring Revenue in 90 Days

Vic Laranja

Founder of Social Gravity, and agency based in Ontario that provides full stack marketing services for luxury retail brands and auto dealerships.

Big win: Increased monthly retainer from $1,500 to $5,000, doubled MRR and added $100,000+ in annual sales…in less than 6 weeks.

Before: Vic wasn’t even sure he was going to join Profit Paradigm…or that he could afford to. He had several clients, all in different niches, all paying different rates. He was struggling to find consistent leads that could actually pay his company the rates it needed to grow consistently. His marketing and sales strategy was “spray and pray.”

Current Progress: 6 weeks into Profit Paradigm, Vic is in an entirely new atmosphere. By learning to craft a signature process for his customers, he now confidently closes packages for 3x what did only a few months ago. Combined with a more refined focus and targeted outreach, Social Gravity has added $100k+ to their bottom line for the year. And he’s only halfway through the program.