How to Evolve From Freelancer to CEO

By Daniel DiPiazza

How To Evolve From Freelancer to CEO

When I began my journey into entrepreneurship through freelancing, I thought that getting paid high retainers for my services was the holy grail. In reality, what I was practicing was well-paid self-employment…not entrepreneurship.

I never wanted it to be all about me. I wanted a team to help me execute a mission that’s bigger than me. I knew I had to evolve from freelancer to CEO.

What I’ve found over the years is that there’s a tremendous difference between simply freelancing and being a true CEO in your business.

One is all about you and what services you can deliver.

The other isn’t about your work, but about what types of systems you can build — and how good you are at leading your team. T

This is a pretty common point of conversation with members of Profit Paradigm, so I thought it was worth making a video about.


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