How to Build Friendships With Other Entrepreneurs

By Daniel DiPiazza

They Say Your Network is Your Net Worth…


One of your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur will be the ability to build friendships and partnerships with those in your industry. Over time, you’ll see these friendships turn into incredibly valuable assets.

In my case, nurturing my relationships and building real friendships over time has allowed me to make extraordinary asks of my friends — for instance, my friend Tom Bilyeu (CEO of billion dollar company Quest Nutrition) let me take an entire group of Profit Paradigm students to his house to do a live Q&A. That shit was insane.

Building strong, authentic relationships and networking naturally is something I’ve wanted to talk about in-depth for quite some time. I had the perfect opportunity to go deep at a recent event hosted by my friend, NYT Bestselling author John Romaniello in Manhattan.

 Enjoy this and leave a comment below!

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