The Tao of Business: Advanced Training For Entrepreneurs. Full Presentation by Daniel DiPiazza

By Daniel DiPiazza

The Tao of Business

Last month, the Alpha Mentorship team flew to New Jersey to work with Dom, a member of Profit Paradigm.

Dom runs a seven-figure recruiting firm with all-star clients and decades of experience. But their company needed a tune up.

We designed a private workshop for her team retreat. At the seminar, I delivered a 90-minute master class on team growth and business development called “The Tao of Business.”

If you’ve ever wondered why:

  • 1. Your team isn’t getting things done on time or they make a lot of mistakes
  • 2. You seem to consistently hire the wrong types of people
  • 3. Your revenue isn’t growing as quickly as you’d hoped
  • 4. You can’t agree internally on important decisions or projects
  • 5. You are unclear about the mission, vision or principles of your company ….this is going to be a massive dose of clarity and actionable info for you.

This is a nice meaty one, so take notes and LMK questions in the comments!

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