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Our Ethos:

Improve the Leader.
Improve the Business.

Every successful business started as a single idea in the mind of a leader — and from that single thread, an entire universe forms. As entrepreneurs, we are so connected to our businesses that they become an extension of us. And when we work on ourselves, that positive self-development has a high level of transference to our business lives. You cannot improve yourself without improving your business, too.

Alpha Mentorship sees business training differently. Our programs are leader-focused and principle-driven. Our core methodology involves real strategic business training with deep personal development. The entrepreneurs we work with aren’t exclusively interested in making as much money as possible. They want to be the best humans they can be while running a thriving company.

Our Method:

Skills. Accountability. Mentorship.

In a world where YouTube exists, Harvard puts classes online for free and anybody can livestream, one thing is clear: information is not enough to create a real transformation in your life. You’re not going to build a thriving business watching videos.

You need feedback, a system and a plan for following through. Our three-pronged “SAM” methodology is infused in all of our programs. It’s designed to keep you in a constant state of learning, growth and iteration.


Skill Acquisition

Entrepreneurs are like Swiss Army knives. We can do many things well and some things not at all. Most of us have 1 or 2 strengths and many weaknesses. We’ll help you sharpen your existing skills and add entirely new ones.



You may be learning how to grow your agency…but if you’re not implementing that information, nothing changes. Our accountability systems will keep you in a state of positive momentum as you hit your goals.



 Even seasoned players need coaching. Our veteran Mentors help you get past sticking points and plateaus, as well as challenge you to think bigger and push just a little bit harder.


Two Ways to Level Up.

For novice agency owners who want to learn to consistently attract new clients, fulfill work in less time, and get to 6-figures asap.

For already-established agency owners who want to turn their business into a scalable asset that can grow without them.

Student Success

8 Out of 10 Students Double Their Monthly Revenue Within 90 Days.

“I’ve been able to double my business, reduce my work time, and I just feel so much lighter.”

“I doubled my revenue and was finally able to take a vacation.”

“I finally have time to spend with my family and I’m no longer stressed out all the time.”

About the Founder

Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and martial artist living in Venice, California.

The Millennial Overlord, as he’s affectionally referred to by his fans, is best known for his breakthrough book Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want. He’s been featured in outlets all over the world, including Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, Forbes and even the cover of Foundr Magazine.

These days, he works full time leading Alpha Mentorship, where his team is on a mission to turn ambitious entrepreneurs into world-class CEOs through hands-on training and capital investment.

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