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The Anatomy of a $50k/m Agency

Discover how to turn your agency into a scalable machine that makes money without you having to work all the time.

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Most agency owners start out as freelancers.

In the beginning, you wear all the hats in the business. You’re all things to all people.

As you grow, your workload increases. So you bring on a contractor or two, or maybe even hire a VA, but you’re still doing most of the grunt-work.

Before long, you’re working 12-hours a day, 6 days a week, which almost defeats the purpose of having your own business.

Working like this, most agency owners plateau very quickly.

Most of the time, they think they just have to work harder, hire a team, and build systems to scale. More often than not, all this does is create more work and turns you into a babysitter for your team.

As a result, they end up even more stuck than before.

If this sounds familiar, the real issue isn’t with your work ethic, your team, or the systems you have. Building a business comes down to more than just tactics, strategies, and mechanics.

The real issue is how you’ve been thinking and operating… like a freelancer instead of a CEO.

Profit Paradigm’s purpose is simple: teach agency owners how to level up their thinking and become real leaders — real CEOs — and watch that translate into rapid business growth.

It will show you how to build the right systems and turn your agency into a scalable business. But more importantly, it will show you how to level up from “freelancer” to “CEO” so the results come easier and actually last long-term.

Student Success Stories

Caitlin McDonald
Co-Founder of Social Speak

Amber Irwin
Co-Founder of Social Speak

Dustin Lien
Founder of Jump Influence

From Our Founder, Daniel Dipiazza:

Hi, Daniel here. Welcome to Alpha Mentorship.

I started this company because I wanted to create a place where I could share all the elements of self-mastery and personal development that I’ve found crucial to my success over the years, both in life and business.

The online entrepreneurship community is heavily focused on the material, “Instagram-worthy” side of business; making more money, improving sales, building marketing funnels and ad campaigns etc.

Those things all have their place, but there’s never been a space where entrepreneurs can have meaningful conversations around true growth as it relates to business. So I created one.

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