The Unexpected Truth About Building a Systemized and Scalable Agency

Let me tell you what nobody else will about building a self-sustaining agency that makes as much money as you please — no matter how little you work…

The world is desperate for compassionate, enlightened leadership to create change. But our generation’s greatest voices are trapped in a prison of our own design.

Bogged down by the haze and confusion of technology, politics, and dogma, we are running scared in circles, waiting and wishing for somebody to save us. But the cavalry isn’t coming.

It is time for the new generation to emerge and step into power. But before we can change the world, we must learn to transform ourselves and fulfill our highest potential.

It starts inside, and there is not a moment to waste.

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Improve the Leader, Improve the Business

Alpha Mentorship’s purpose is simple: teach entrepreneurs how to step into their true power and become real leaders, and watch that translate into businesses that change the world. We do this, not by creating programs that focus entirely on developing a business, but by creating programs that focus on developing the leader behind it first. As the leader begins to grow, so does the business – often times much faster and with much less resistance than trying to improve the business alone.

Alpha Foresight

Alpha Foresight is a one of a kind online mastermind for entrepreneurs looking to master their selves, accelerate their results, and level up in life and business as quickly as possible.

Students get access to new training every month, bi-weekly live mentorship, and a support community of other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Profit Paradigm

Profit Paradigm shows agency owners who are stuck between $10k – $20k/month how to scale to $50k/month and up, without working 50+ hours a week.

We’ll show you the strategies to scale your business and get your life back, but more importantly, we’ll show you how to level up your thinking from “freelancer” to “CEO” so the results are easier to achieve and actually last long-term.


ASCENT is our high-level mastermind for 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who want to become the most powerful version of themselves and achieve new levels of scalability and growth in their business.

The program is capped at 10 students and includes monthly 1:1 coaching, and quarterly mastermind events at incredible locations all over the world.

Private Coaching

Strictly for entrepreneurs who are serious about, and committed to evolving themselves and their businesses as fast as possible. Our private coaching is intense and challenging. It is not for the faint-hearted.

Includes weekly 1:1 coaching and one in-person coaching day where students are challenged in mind, body, and soul.
Limited to 5 students per quarter.

From Our Founder, Daniel Dipiazza:

Hi, Daniel here. Welcome to Alpha Mentorship.

I started this company because I wanted to create a place where I could share all the elements of self-mastery and personal development that I’ve found crucial to my success over the years, both in life and business.

The online entrepreneurship community is heavily focused on the material, “Instagram-worthy” side of business; making more money, improving sales, building marketing funnels and ad campaigns etc.

Those things all have their place, but there’s never been a space where entrepreneurs can have meaningful conversations around true growth as it relates to business. So I created one.

Student Success Stories